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Welcome to our website, which will hopefully give you a fair insight into the trials and tribulations of turbocharging the Ford Zetec .... on a budget!

The idea from the start was to build something a bit different, around 200 reliable bhp for a few hundred quid. The going price for similar setups if you have to pay someone for it appears to be 2500-4500 !!

** Recent news (8-6-2003) - we hear from the current owner of the car that the engine is now making 235bhp @17psi and not giving any problem which is cool.. **

The other 'interesting' feature was to use Cosworth management, for a number of reasons - we could get the parts fairly cheaply, and plenty of people were saying it couldn't be done... that includes an e-mail from Mr Bayjoo himself . We are still yet to find another working installation using this system with distributorless ignition. If anyone knows different, please let us know!

This isn't intended by any means to be a 'gospel according to...' account, merely an insight into the way we approached it..

Although this is mainly about the engine conversion, to add some extra interest you will also find a bit about the Cosworth front and rear brake conversion, which makes sooooo much difference to your S1 or S2, it's hard to believe that anyone still tolerates the standard setup.. 

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What we have:

1, Turbocharged 1.8L 16V Zetec in a Series 1 Escort RS Turbo.

2, A bit of background on the Level8 4x4 Cosworth Management system.

3, Details of the Cosworth brakes including rear disc conversion. 

4, Some links to places we think you'll like...

5, Stuff for sale maybe..

6, Picture Gallery - photos of the construction that didn't make it onto the pages.

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But, just one simple request please...

We are regularly getting asked some questions which we are unable to answer - specifically queries about hybrid Zetec/CVH (ZVH) builds,  queries regarding commercial costs of the type of conversion we have done here, and requests for us to carry out this conversion, or "how do I turbo my Escort" or "what list of parts do I need..." type questions. We are unable to offer answers to these queries or carry out these conversions, so please do not be offended if you ask and don't get a reply... Thank you. 

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